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Lutheran Legal League
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The Lutheran Legal League (“L3”) is made up of actively practice attorneys throughout the United States who are members of a Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod (“LCMS”). The mission is to show the love of Christ to all LCMS believers, churches, schools, called workers by and through the particular area of legal practice. With over 6,000 churches and 2 million members in the LCMS, the need for legal help is great. L3 members practice in nearly every area of law including, purchasing property, employment law issues, civil and criminal litigation, landlord-tenant issues, estate planning, intellectual property, eminent domain, etc.

Membership in L3 is open to attorneys who (1) are active members of an LCMS congregation; (2) who are licensed to practice law in at least the state; and (3) who have a desire and interest in providing their unique legal services to an LCMS entity/member. L3 currently has members in the majority of states throughout the continental United States.  It is our deepest desire that the L3 be available to all 6,000+ of our churches, schools and to our 2 plus million LCMS members. As you can see the need is great.

L3 exists solely to provide LCMS entities, missions, and congregation members access to lawyers who happen to also be actively worshipping in an LCMS church. There is no membership fee for an attorney to join the Lutheran Legal League. In fact, L3 itself does not collect any fee. L3 does not require that its member exclusively provided pro bono, although that gift is always welcomed and appreciated. It does not require that its members even discount their services, although again, that gift is most welcomed and appreciated. The terms of engagement, if any, are between the requesting person/entity and the responding attorney. There is no minimum number of referrals the L3 member has to take and no maximum number of times he/she are permitted to assist. For that reason, L3 needs strategically located attorneys who are ready, willing and able to help God’s people and His Church in their times of legal need. What better way to do so through a fraternal organization whose hearts are bent on serving our Lord as L3 ministers to God’s people through its members by way of their respective legal expertise and knowledge.

If you are an LCMS Church, School, Ministry, Worker or member in need of assistance in any of these states, please contact the League Administrator via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also check us out on our Facebook and Linkedin pages.

If you are an attorney who meets the membership criteria, and you would like to extend your service to God’s people we invite you to join the Lutheran Legal League. Please click here Attorney Registration join today. If you have any questions, please email Rusty Huseman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..